Manage Prices in Magento

If you’ve got hundreds or thousands of products in your Magento store, you know the challenges involved in managing that. Cost prices change or suppliers discontinue items, deleting them from their price list without telling you.

The end result can be under-priced items, supply issues and lost profit.

What’s more, when you want to run a price-based promotion, issue a voucher code, or evaluate the performance of your paid advertising, you can’t be certain what your margins are. You don’t know what you can definitely afford to offer.

As for the competition, you can spot check prices, and maybe adjust your own, but it’s a never-ending task and one that’s hard to keep track of.

The net result is you end up running campaigns ‘hoping’ they’re viable, you might delegate price checking to an employee ‘hoping’ they don’t make a mistake, you go to market with pricing ‘hoping’ it’s competitive.

Price Desk helps you solve these issues, and more.

A New Way to Manage Magento Price Changes

Price Desk lets you see cost, margin and competitor prices in one view, and make informed price changes instantly.

Make single price changes or bulk price changes in Magento with our easy to use interface. All price updates can be sent to your Magento store immediately.

Connect Price Desk with Google Analytics and use your sales data to show popular items, sort by sales volume to prioritise which items need your attention. Spend your time making sure your best-selling items are competitively and profitably priced. (You’ll need to make sure you have Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking set up in Magento to use this feature.)

Delegate price management to a colleague, track the changes, roll-back any time. Be alerted when items are deleted from your suppliers’ price list.


To get most from Price Desk you’ll need to import your supplier price files and competitor data (or set up a regular data feed if you have one), and match their SKUs with yours. Price Desk has a simple matching and linking tool to help you do this.

To get started quickly you can just start with your best-selling products and over time you can link with more. Got a CSV file of “your sku, supplier sku” relations already? Great! You can import that to get started even faster.

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